The Quantum Handbook – A Course in Embodying Ease and Grace

In this handbook, you will discover how relaxing into your awareness, and allowing energy to serve you, can be the simplest thing you ever did in your entire life. In this book, I give you the most distilled and simplest tools that will allow you to go beyond limiting belief systems or subconscious patterns, without having to work or struggle throughout this very Natural Process.
The way that is best, is by removing all of the old linear gears in your Consciousness, in your Perception of “How Things Work”. These gears are very old and rusty. So what this is for, is to come back to the Sweet and Silent Knowingness that All is Well; that all energies will always serve your Realization, and will always serve the best possible outcome for you.
The purpose of the writings in this book is to mold the clay in your awareness and in your senses. These are intended not to get the mental and intellectual understanding of it, but to integrate the feeling, the essence. This is a compilation of different ‘awarenesses’, to which the concept and the core essence are the same, yet it will be explored from various different perspectives. This allows not only for you to relax into your Knowingness, but also to integrate the essence, beyond just the simple mental and intellectual understanding of what is written.


 You might find different tips on:
  • how to have Enlightened Relationships, in which it becomes Pure Fun as a share of experience, without energy-feeding.
  • how to go beyond the old energy feeding patterns, and become your own source of energy.
  • how to choose the way you want reality to work for you (the way the Universe responds to Your Consciousness).
  • how to stop allowing your past to have an effect on your present and future, and clearing the old misconceptions about karma.
  • how to allow Spirit to flow through you, without having to meditate or achieve any kind of mental state.
  • how to go beyond any kind of physical or mental health problem.
  • how things considered as disorders can be easily transformed simply by shifting your assumptions.
  • how to go from feeling dis-empowered into genuinely going up on the ‘radiance scale’ (the radiance of your consciousness is what attracts energies and experiences).
  • how you can open your senses to a totally different reality, simply by going beyond the belief in lack, darkness, or the illusion of power.
  • how you can transform your entire reality simply by shifting the way you feel.
  • how the Law of Sovereignty allows each and every human being to be The Creators of their Individual Reality, and why we shouldn’t be held responsible for everybody else’s life.
  • how what most Spiritualists and Lightworkers consider to be a ‘mission’, or a ‘life purpose’, has been one of the biggest misconceptions of all time.
  • how to release resistance in order to allow the energies to flow more easily, by Relaxing into the Knowingness that All is Well.
  • and much more which I have forgotten to add in that list!


The three last parts are a small poem followed by a sonnet, and a conclusion, written to help you to settle / anchor your energy and awareness into your New Reality, in which all worries simply fade away… in which only Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Passion and Mastery exist.

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