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The intention of the sessions, is to assist you in realizing with how much ease and grace you can shift the direction that the energies are going, by placing your awareness into a different potential reality, or in other words, radiate the light of your consciousness in a different direction.
With very simple answers to your questions, matters for you will no longer be about working towards “spiritual achievements”, working towards Embodied Realization / Enlightenment, or even a High Quality Life. Because, if you feel ready to step and relax into the Experience in which All is Well in All of Creation, all these will flow towards you.
Indeed, by relaxing into the Simplicity of your Consciousness, Experiences will flow like a Graceful Golden River through the Boat of your Awareness, the… I Am Boat, so to say. A boat that needs no motor, that needs no sails… because it is the constant, relaxed. And it is the beautiful scenery which then flows Gracefully around it, without force nor power, simply by relaxing, and allowing it.
Note that the Handbook is given freely to anyone who books a session! The purpose of that, is to mold the clay in your awareness and in your senses. The tools that I will be sharing with you, are intended not to get the mental and intellectual understanding of it, but to integrate the feeling, the essence.
It is then intended, that by the end of reading the handbook and having had your session, you assume your Beingness, in a Realm of Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Simplicity, Passion and Mastery.


It isn’t intended to work with you on an energy level, but to provide you with tools that you can use to work with them yourself, because as their name implies, those are counseling sessions and not energy work sessions. In no way am I entitled to shift any energies for you because I am only showing ways to shift these energies yourself. If I worked with your energies, you wouldn’t become independent in knowing how to work with them yourself, which is why I always say that it is a Sovereign Journey.
I recommend browsing the website, the About page, the Handbook’s presentation, and read some posts from the blog before booking a session. It is so that you may Sense into the Essence of what is being shared here, and decide if you feel that this is something you are ready for.
Please note that every session occur in a 1-on-1 text conversation, as it allows me to take time and feel into the questions in order to articulate the responses with the best clarity. Therefore, this service cannot be provided via phone nor audio calls.

When you book a session:
– you receive the full Quantum Handbook with several examples of “awarenesses” you can place your consciousness and relax into, so you may know how to apply this in whatever way you desire for yourself
– I provide you with a personalized assistance about how to apply it for yourself in the most genuine ways
– and finally, we end with questions and answers so to release the last remnants of confusion and help you have absolute clarity on how to apply all of this.

To book a session, you will need to fill a form and answer several questions about the struggles you are going through. My job with it, will be to begin the session with an introduction including the insights that I feel are the most appropriate for you, and will help you the most.

So to recapitulate, here is how we proceed:
– You fill the form (the questions + choosing a date/time for your session)
– I send you a PDF copy of the Quantum Handbook (to finish reading before the session)
– I prepare the introduction with the most appropriate insights for you
– We begin with the session and the introduction at the time scheduled
– We can continue with Questions & Answers
– I send you the whole PDF transcript including the introduction + our conversation

If you require more information / have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email to the following address:



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  • Wonderful teachings, and my session was very informative. I asked questions in relation to my own life journey and the teachings, and Amu answered them in a way that made sense both to his core teachings and how they apply to my own life. I also felt much more calm and relaxed during and after the session. I would definetly invite people to book a session , it is a great gift he is offering for a review or donation. More than worth it !

    Dianne Mocelutu Avatar Dianne Mocelutu
    May 15, 2018
  • Brilliant teachings brought about in a clear and simplified way. It's a gift to have sessions available on a free/donation basis. His handbook allowed me to feel into and shift into a perspective of mastery . Quantum is a good way to describe the feeling when you can move beyond old patterns and concepts into the reality you truly want to create. A session is an opportunity to live in New Earrth... I am very glad I took this opportunity.

    Marilyn Summer Avatar Marilyn Summer
    May 10, 2018
  • I just had a 1 hour session and it was wonderful and made alot of sense out of what direction to take in my personal development and ways of being ...I also loved the book that was read before the session...I will be reading it many times over to understand absorb and incorporate these ideas and concepts into my life..I love the simplicity of it all ..

    Heather Haslam Avatar Heather Haslam
    April 18, 2018
  • An amazing blessing to share! The handbook is an amazing gift! I feel lighter just having shared a few minutes with Amu. I have been trying to hard and now I feel the true simplicity of ease, grace and joy. It will be a joy to share this page with my friends. ���

    Betty Gosselin Avatar Betty Gosselin
    February 26, 2018
  • Even before my session w/Ani began, I felt his universal loving energies start to stream through my body. He provides an unconditional loving container to realize your highest self.❤

    Lisa Erickson Avatar Lisa Erickson
    February 20, 2018
  • Amu has figured out the easiest way to become your best self. And that is to breathe & relax into knowing. Feel like with his teachings my life is about to make a drastic turn-around. His knowledge is a game changer for myself. I AM A MASTER CREATOR! Everything I have always wanted is already there. I am beginning to FEEL my power. My life can be lived with grace & ease. My feelings towards everything create my experience. Much gratitude for this opportunity to help me, to be the change i've been searching so long for. Woo Hoo. Thank You Amu! 💞

    Melissa Espinoza Avatar Melissa Espinoza
    January 28, 2018
  • An Amazing Sovereign BEing assisting You to Know Thyself!! Infinite Stars � to Amu Raëa for hearing The Call, Remembering Who He IS and Facilitating the Remembrance of Who I AM...Sovereignty!!! ����������

    Deborah Barrow-Salter Avatar Deborah Barrow-Salter
    January 10, 2018
  • Beautiful gift 😊✨ I started living my best most beautiful reality and amazing events, people, things are unfolding to me one after another ☀🎵🎶💛✨🌟✨ Grateful and blessed I Am/We Are creating, modeling, manifesting beauty into this World/the most beautiful Reality.. You Are Amazing Amu Raea 😊✨ You helped me, as well,to get where I Am Now.. In the most beautiful Now 😊✨ 🌟✨☀🎵🎶💛✨ Thank yOu ☀💛🎵🎶✨ Loving blesSings on yOur way 😊✨🌟✨

    Andrea Vincetic Avatar Andrea Vincetic
    January 4, 2018
  • Blessed Amu, I just want to send you my gratitude through this comment, because as far as my consciousness are changing day by day and assimilating still more and more of the Truth of the Absolute Fulfilment that you are teaching I become lighter, more joyful and more happy and I AM also able to touch the hearts of my own clients ( I AM a spiritual coach ) with much more compassion and light and deepest understanding of the Sense of Perfect Fulfilment. My sessions with my clients are all magnificent and more than that because of your guiding Light on my Path right now. I AM grateful for your impact on my state of consciousness! Your being has crossed my Path very on time, just perfectly on time and I AM very happy with that. I send you my rays of blessings and gratitude, may many and many souls find the way to your shining Wisdom. It is a great job what you are doing! Stay blessed always dear one!

    Maria Piotrovskaja Avatar Maria Piotrovskaja
    August 19, 2017
  • At the beginning of the summer I decided to experience a magical life by “walking my talk.” This entailed a heightened vibration of positiveness and enlightenment. Mostly through Amu Raëa's words, I was able to accomplish this goal. His words resonated throughout me (opening chakras) which I had originally been able to obtain only through the words of the channeled being White Eagle. ~ We are truly blessed to have one of the Ascended Masters on the planet at this time.

    Lori Vekre Avatar Lori Vekre
    August 17, 2017

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