Creator Consciousness vs Distractions

Pure Consciousness doesn’t care about conspiracies, corporations, governments, and religions. Pure Consciousness knows that no matter what, All is Well in All of Creation. Conspiracies have no power over Masters. No rules, no kingdoms, no religions, nor corporations have power over the Master’s ability to create his/her own reality. When you believe that you have to search for everything, to seek everything, and to make everything happen with your physical human body and by shaking your hands, you just don’t understand consciousness.
The Master just knows that all energy serves him/her, everything he/she needs comes without any effort whatsoever. It doesn’t mean to not take action, it just means to know that everything you need will always come to you without effort, without searching, or without seeking. The perfect opportunities present themselves to you, in the easiest way possible. In other words, no more struggle. It’s like standing on a bike, stationary, without pedaling, and the landscape just moves.
If religions, governments, or corporations have had power over you and your reality, it is because you allowed it to be that way. Because you gave your power away, and held it responsible in your place for creating your reality. While all the talent was in you the whole time, with your Consciousness. Because you liked to make everything dependent on outside circumstances, while all the attractant for energy was within.
You are Pure Consciousness in a Lucid Dream. In that way how could anything outside of you ever have power over you? If it does, it simply means that you made it that way. You gave your power away. You Are The Creator.
In other words, for your own good, please stop focusing on all that you do not like in the world, because you’re only giving it energy. Mass-Consciousness on Earth is focused on all the dramas, tragedies, and all the rest of that, that is why it is still there and doesn’t seem to go away just like that. If everyone was to focus on what is Beautiful and what they love to see in the world, all the rest would simply disappear.
For example, focus on Art, Music, Theatre, Paintings, Stained Glass, Mosaics, Colors…(etc) all the Beauty of Humanity, all the Love and Magnificence in this Beautiful Civilization, instead of focusing on all the harshness. As you focus on what you love, you will create more of what you love in the World that surrounds you.
It is pointless to try creating everybody else’s reality. The only way to help the world is to become your own sovereign being, your own sovereign lucid creator. You have to be able to create a reality for yourself, to focus on yourself, and stop focusing on the collective so much. The only way is to help yourself and become the Creator of your Life, not the creator of everyone’s life on earth.
The work that you are selfishly doing for yourself is what will be helping the world, this is what will show others that they can also create their own reality, without it being dependent on everybody else. This is what will bring more and more beauty to this world. By creating more and more beauty in your life. Not everyone else’s life, because it would only be energetically counter-productive, and self-depleting. What you do for yourself, can show others how to do it for themselves as well.
If everyone knew they were God in Human Form, there wouldn’t be all this harshness. Everyone would know that they can create their reality, and everyone would have everything they need. But it is not our job to take responsibility for everyone else’s life. It is our job to take responsibility for ourselves and our own lives. In other words we do not have to care for a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the planet, but for very strange reasons, humans like to do that.
Ultimately, everything is going to work out, for everyone. The Human Civilization has already made it to the point in which everyone is capable to create their own reality, as Divine Creators Beings. It is a Timeless Realization for Humanity. No matter if it takes hundreds, or thousands of years. Ultimately everything works out. Ultimately, everybody is going to ascend… not because of me, not because of you, but because of themselves.
Our job, if we choose to, is to take responsibility for ourselves, and start becoming the creators of our lives. Not the creator of everybody else’s life on Earth, OUR Lives. It would only mean to deny everybody else’s free will to try creating their reality for them. It would only be energetically self-depleting to try creating everybody else’s reality, when you don’t even know yet how to create your own reality.
No matter how horrible you think the world is, it is not your responsibility to save it. It is your responsibility to save yourself, and transcend the world. The only reason that makes it horrible, is because humans perceive the world as horrible. As I said… Quantumness is the simplest thing ever. Just ask yourself: How would you want things to be in YOUR Reality? Then just perceive it to be that way, and therefore it becomes so.
Simply allow things to become the way you would like them to be (for you, not for other beings as they still have the free will to do things their own way)  Allow Absolute Clarity. Tell yourself… “I have Absolute Clarity”. Trust Yourself, and then it becomes so
 ~ Shift your Perspective ~ Shift your Reality ~
Be thy Own Sovereign Creators, Divine Beings
All is Well in All of Your Creation, if you choose it to be.
And so it is