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Amu Raëa

Amu Raëa

I started my journey because of a deep longing, I have always known that there was something more to life than just the mesmerizing graphic of human reality.
By observing Lightworkers and Spiritualists, I knew that… all the knowledge seeking would get me nowhere. I stopped trying to figure everything out, and allowed everything I needed to know to come to me. On my journey, everything has always been about allowing what I am meant to know to find its way to me, without having to search for it.
I found several teachers, that were channeled through different “schools”, such as the Crimson Circle, and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. From there I didn’t study my way through anything, I simply allowed myself to dive into the Essence of what was channeled. Knowing that I already knew all of this, I allowed myself to remember what I had forgotten.
After discovering these ‘Schools’, I found my greatest inspiration in Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which implies that anything we believe to be real is therefore what manifests within our ‘individual field of perception and reality’. But in fact, it isn’t much about what we believe, it is more about what we allow into our awareness, our reality.
After beginning to understand this in deeper and deeper levels, I have shared the words translated from my ‘Sense of Knowingness’ on social medias, and many encouraged me to create this website in order to provide this wisdom to a broader audience.

Beyond power, force, and struggle stretched,
Beyond effort, and into Free Energy richness fled.
From trying, and with themselves fighting,
Out of exhaustion, now simply allowing.
Their minds from endless thoughts and gravity psychic freed,
Limitations, procrastinations, excuses they could no longer feed.
Knowing everything was already there,
Sensed an ecstatic shimmering light in the air.
Gazing upon realized, yet unborn potentials,
Relaxes into a fulfillment, exponential.
Carried by the measureless Wings of their Deepest Dreams,
Was the ecstatic flow of a golden river, Supreme.
In this state of Infinite Potentials, this Timeless Pool,
The fires of uncertainty became Knowingness, the Flame Cool.
Absolute Ease and Grace as their Reality,
And everything came to them, most Naturally.
The Atlantean Dream, unworn.
In Endless Seas of Joy, reborn.




Quantumness is the simplest thing ever. Just ask yourself… how would you want things to be like in your reality? Then just allow it to be that way, and it will become so.
~ Relax into your Awareness ~ Embody your Mastery ~

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