Beyond the Lightworkers’ Rabbit Holes…

Allow me to review the following statement:

Once the chakras are activated, they receive messages from invisible beings.

When we receive a message, it becomes a mission.

Well… I’ve read that type of sentences before. And once the sun becomes purple, it will send out rays of jello. When the jello crashes onto humans’ faces, then their mission with it will be to fly through the universe and blow the purple jello everywhere they go (spreading blissful happiness in All of Creation…). Oh! And when the chakras get activated, you can become a strange creature that sees through people’s clothing and eats spaghetti. Then, you will blackout, and wake up as a white bearded old men in a white robe, on top of a mountain, sprinkling smoke and water on people.
Well… I know, none of this makes sense. This is simple sarcasm, from seeing these random generic sentences about lightworker missions and “chakra activation” stories. We see these everywhere, and all these accomplish is to bring millions of people into delusional unending rabbit holes, going nowhere because of those distractions.
I believe most lightworkers are mentally ill, their unending cycles of spiritual answer seeking, all their intellectual and mental sense making is a gaze that entraps them. It entraps them into a mental illness, because that isn’t what the mind was designed for, its use lies in practicality like driving a car, cooking a meal. But when it comes to real spirituality, the mind will only try to make sense out of things, will create its own truths and illusions (makyo) that it will be chasing after. And then for the mind it becomes a whole crusade about truth, chakras and spiritual missions.
And we see the results of these “truth crusades” all over social medias with lightworkers. “chakra this, psychic that, tarot this, healing that, meditation, conspiracies…”. Yet deep down, those are mere stories that have little meaningfulness, to the ones that have truly made the choice of Embodied Realization.
There is no chakras in Embodied Realization, no spiritual mission, no conspiracies, no truth… There is only the Ineffable Flame of Existence, Sovereignty, and the Passion of the Soul for its own Existence.
I see so many obsessing over all these spiritual news. It’s always about the new “energy forecasts”, the latest channelings, the latest predictions for the future… I mean… I see why it may be appealing to some who may be desperate for good news, to those who are waiting for external circumstances to change, in order for them to be capable of Enjoying their Existence.
I see the point. “Oh yeah look! The magnetic pole just shifted position, something grand is about to happen on the planet!”. But come on… Something grand is already happening within your being, yet you always forget to allow it, because you’re focused on very distracting, natural, but external occurrences.
You do not need energy forecasts, no energy beyond your own is capable of affecting you, when you choose so. You do not have to waste your Breath of Awareness into incubating endless spiritual knowledge, news, forecasts, channelings, horoscopes…
If you are ready, it’s time to relax beyond all of this.
It’s time to stop waiting for the world to change.
It is time, to assume Your Mastery.
As you go nuts and the days go by, and everything seems like a distant dream that was grey and lifeless, there is like a feather floating by, a desire for Simplicity.
Up until now, there seemed to be no way out of this loop of human experiences, to so many who call themselves “spiritual”, no matter their definition of this word. This, has led to many misguided, and distorted “principles” that shouted their rage and entitled righteousness about what is true or false… and what is light or dark.
While so many have been bumbling and babbling around on this wonderful tool that is social medias, filling their minds with endless streams of what they call “spiritual knowledge”, only few among the many discovered, that the only way out of this dream, was in.
It is not how many levels of consciousness higher your can get, or how much spiritual knowledge you can incubate. It isn’t through entitled fights, or righteous endeavors that you can put an end to a lifeless dream. But it is by relaxing into it, and allowing everything to be. It is how deep you can be aware of your dream, relaxed, and open to energy.
Someone the other day asked me how to get to a ‘quantum state’. But other than relaxing into your awareness, there is no practice or method. The only way is to relax into it, allowing this Natural State to come back to you, allowing a Natural Process to unfold.
It takes no other effort than realizing that your Consciousness already makes you the most Quantum Being you can be. It takes no practice, but relaxing into the Knowingness that all Energy is Yours, that it is here to serve you.
I understand the reaction, when I say “it requires no effort, nor work”. Everybody has been struggling and making their own life a hell. So when I say it’s easy, and graceful, this idea gets rejected because it negates all the effort they have put into Enlightenment their entire life.
Many perceive ‘enlightenment’ as a spiritual achievement, as a milestone that they get to when they have incubated enough spiritual knowledge, fought through enough entitled and righteous battles, after they have struggled and suffered enough through their journey.
But it isn’t anything to be achieved, nor something for which you should fight, study, struggle or suffer. It is something to be Realized, something to Relax Into. The suffering and efforting part was never intended, because it places your Realization as something distant from you.
Simply relax, into the Awareness that there is nothing here worth suffering for. There is nothing here worth battling against. You have everything to Behold, everything to Experience. Relax into your Divine Senses, sense how all energy is here to serve you.
Not trying to direct the energies in a certain direction, but relaxing, and knowing that All Energy already serves the best outcome for you, as they are in Service to your Realization. It is about relaxing, and allowing True Magic to Unfold.
The mind always wants to direct the energies in order to choose the outcome, but a True Master will relax knowing that no matter what arises, it will always be the best outcome for them.
Magic isn’t doing spells, or curses on anyone, it is not shooting fireballs from your hands, as is always depicted in books or movies. It isn’t intended to be used other than for yourself only, because the moment we decide to use it on someone else or the world, the energies are out of alignment.
And that’s because every single being is responsible with discovering it for themselves and experiencing it on their own.
You see, Pirates of Consciousness will always be irreverent, and provocative. Because there is no need for patience and complicated intellectual debates.
The Simplicity of Consciousness, is as graceful as relaxation. As graceful as… all is well, in all of creation.
Therefore I say, it’s Easy and Graceful.
Not sorry for it being so.
Amu Raëa


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  1. Jacqueline Laughlin

    Thank you. Beautiful article.

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