What is True Safety?

True safety isn’t about putting white light all around you, doing rituals to protect yourself from bad energy, or whatever makyo is associated with “being safe” in the spiritual community. True Safety is Absolute Compassion. True Compassion, is Allowing all things to be as they are, without trying to change it.
The more you try to change something, or protect yourself from something, the more these energies come back at you, and try to change you as well. So when you do not fear it, allow and accept it to be what it is, that is what the sentence “All is Well in All of Creation” means. Complete Acceptance of everything, allowing everybody to have their experiences.
When you try to “protect yourself from bad energy” as some might call it, all it might do is actually make it come back more. That is the simple relation between consciousness and energy, push something away and it pushes back stronger. Let it be with absolute allowance, absolute acceptance and it will simply go away and stop affecting you in whatever way you believe it to be capable of affecting you. Absorb it, and allow these energies to serve you, saying “thank you, have more?”. And besides that, allowing it to be what it is. Because by stopping to fear it, by stopping to try to protect yourself from it, it will not be able to feed from you and will go away on its own.
So when you see the word “acceptance” here, I mean everything. Acceptance of the weather, allowing the weather to be the weather. A lot of “lightworkers” try to do ceremonies over trying to change the weather, and it might affect something to a small extent, but a True Master allows it to be. It can also be allowing criminals to be criminals, because that is their experience. Allowing the world to be the world. Allowing Yourself to be as you are.
There are no rituals, no ceremony that can be of real importance, unless all you want to do is play and mess around with distractions. The mind loves to over-complicate everything, but consciousness is simple. The more you see everything as absolute simplicity, the simpler it becomes.
Stopping all this trying to mentally analyze everything, stopping all the commotion, the interminable knowledge/answer seeking hamster wheel, simply relaxing and allowing all things to be.
There is actually nothing to worry about. Everything simply is an experience. It is nothing to wrap our heads around, but simply to relax into. Because the human mind always does these “yes but”, and is not capable of grasping it, but Consciousness / Awareness is capable of relaxing into it.
Then, as you are aware of it, relaxed in absolute compassion, absolute acceptance of everything as it is, it will be so, for you, in the way energies respond to you, in the way experiences come to you.
Allowing Energy to serve you~ Allowing Energy to be Your Friend. All is Well in All of Creation. And it’s as simple as that.
Amu Raëa

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