Freedom can only be found in taking Full Responsibility

~ The greatest Hidden Knowledge, that wasn’t burned, destroyed, or hunted down… was the Knowledge that every Human Being, was a Divine Being… and that they had, Extroardinary Powers ~
~ And yet ever awakened… would never be ruled, by any kingdom… or any religion ~
Concepts of good or bad are only human concepts. Concepts of a “higher being” that is greater than you or concepts of a ‘god’, are only human-created concepts. You are that god which people say is external and greater than you. You have the spark of the creative source within you, and you are the one to determine what you want your existence to be about. There is no higher entity that has sovereignty over you, no higher entity that creates your reality in your place. You are a Sovereign Creator and you are the one to decide what you want the experience in your existence as a Human Being to be about.
We aren’t controlled by any entity whatsoever. Conspiracy theories are only excuses for not stepping up as the Creators of our Reality. Blaming external conditions and playing the victims of an entity that has supposed ‘control’ over us, is only an excuse not to take full responsibility for ourselves and our lives. When we know ourselves as the creators, we know that no entity can ever have power over us.
Allow me to clear out some of the many misconceptions that are common amongst lightworkers and spiritual people. It is not about one specific “mission” or “life purpose”, it is about what You Desire for Your Life. Nothing is expected of you in order to be successful. What do you expect of yourself? What path would make you feel the most fulfilled?
As you come back to the realization that you already know everything you need to know, already have all the answers, already have that Sense of Direction, Clarity, Knowingness, Intuition… you are then capable to come back to your senses.
No external source of guidance such as horoscopes, numerology, tarot cards, psychic readings… (etc.) could ever give you what only your Sense of Knowingness has. No one else can make any decision for you. Even further, no one else could ever have the right to tell you who you are, what you are about, nor make any decision in your place. No one can tell you your “life purpose”, and if they do they are violating the Law of Free Will. You have to choose for yourself what you desire to do in Your Life, how you choose to Define Yourself, what you want to be about.
I am actually 21, opened myself to ‘spirituality’ 3 years ago, I have read almost every possible kind of philosophy, studied many things and read many articles about the most common subjects amongst spiritual people. But I have chosen to let go of all these delusions, when I realized that everything we believe becomes our reality. I have chosen to take full responsibility for my life and focus only on what would liberate me from all the delusions of mass-consciousness.
The word ‘lightworker’ is very expanded and represents many with various kinds of spiritual beliefs, that do not fit in any structure, or any religion. Lightworkers are characerized by their intricate investment in ‘spirituality’. While spirituality means the separation of ‘Human’ and ‘Spirit’, I consider that we are a Whole, a ‘Body of Consciousness’.
Spirituality implies that there is a fixated set of belief systems. Consciousness implies that our Perception of Reality is in Constant Transformation, and it comes down again to what I repeat over and over: whatever we believe becomes real.
Consciousness, Awareness & Quantumness implies in fact that we know instead of ‘believing’. Because having experienced many beliefs and perceptions, we realize that ‘reality’ always aligns itself to whatever we believe to be real. That is why Quantum Teachings is more about consciousness, than spirituality.
There are many delusions about spirituality that you will find out there on the internet, that will talk to you about meditation, chakras, diets, psychic readings, tarot cards, angels and dull fluffy stuff. But as you realize that whatever you believe becomes your reality, you do not need to complicate everything as they all do.
When you allow external sources to dictate what everything means for you, or ‘what is the truth’, you are giving your power away as a creator. By allowing other people’s beliefs become yours just because ‘it sounds nice’, you are renouncing your sovereignty. You are to create your own perception and beliefs, because whatever you believe becomes your reality. Perceive and Live Life by Your Own Terms, not someone else’s.
Allow me once again, to clear many spiritual misconceptions, this time about ‘diets’. Whatever you believe becomes so. In other words, if you believe certain kinds of food are bad and will have a negative effect on your body, therefore it will. If you believe certain kinds of food will have a positive effect on your body, therefore it will. There is therefore no kind of diet that is better than any other, what matters is how do you feel about what you are eating.
My teachings are about realizing the Utmost of Simplicity in becoming the Creator of Your Reality. Everything becomes simpler when you Know that You already Know. You do not need to confuse your mind anymore with all those kinds of ‘spiritual concepts’, you realize that in fact, Spirit is Absolute Simplicity. There is no chakra to activate, nothing to meditate about, nothing to hold onto, nothing to learn, nothing to seek, to search, push, force, acquire, aspire to… everything is already here.
There is no external source that can change & transform you into what you desire to be. Simply feel like you already are whatever you desire to become, and reality will align itself to your perception of How Things Are.
Please allow me to put this in a simpler way than with what people call ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequencies’. So let’s say that your Awareness is made of many frequencies ; the energies will line up to those frequencies and show you the reality that matches your State of Consciousness. Consciousness is: Your Point of Awareness. The Energies are: The Reality that lines up around you, which will match whatever you believe to be real in your Awareness of ‘How Things Are’, your Awareness of ‘What Is Real’.
When you realize that what you believe, your ‘Radiance’ and the way you feel determines what experiences you attract in your Individual Reality, you will always make sure that you Feel Good no matter what. You will always make sure to Know that All is Well in All of Your Creation. The Universe always responds to the way you feel.
We are the only ones responsible for the way we feel, and no external circumstance, condition or being can change anything to it. You do not need to let others thoughts and words affect the way you feel, you and you only have responsibility for your feelings. Never allow external circumstances, conditions and people affect the way you feel.
To me, there is neither negative nor positive. Everything simply is an experience. It truly doesn’t matter. With time you will get used to it and become more and more responsible for the way you feel, less and less allowing others’ words and actions / what you see in the world affect your feelings.
When you consider yourself ‘broke’ and feel unabundant, this is what manifests within your reality. When you consider yourself ‘powerless’, or controlled by a higher entity, you deny yourself of your sovereignty. You already have everything you need within you. It is not about others having power over you & your reality, but realizing that all the attractant for all the energy you ever needed is already within you.
Whatever you believe to be possible is therefore what happens within your ‘individual reality’. When you reach for the feeling of happiness / fulfillment, before you get the external condition you desire for feeling that way, you will be more able and likely to receive these circumstances you desire.
So it is not much about spirit guiding you towards anything. It is about you, guiding yourself as the creator of your reality.
Being the Creator of Your Reality means to constantly be aware of what you are Feeling & Radiating to the Universe, to be aware of it Every Single Moment. It might be a little difficult at first to always be aware of how you feel and always radiating Absolute Fulfillment, but you can get a hand of it quite rapidly. It doesn’t matter if you ‘forget’ about it and fall again into feeling ‘bad’, ‘anxious’ or ‘depressive’, or forget to be aware of the way you feel. Just line up your Radiance when you remember and remind yourself as many times as you need to.
Aknowledge that all your desires are already granted, dig into what it feels like to know this, relax into this knowingness. If you constantly remain aware of this and feel like everything you desire is already granted to you, therefore it will always be so.
A lot of people today are ‘against’ uniqueness and diversity, they want everyone to follow their own perception of “perfection”, what everyone ‘should be’, what everyone should believe in, and what everyone should think. When you take the freedom to think for yourself, create your own unique way to perceive and live life, to live your existence in your own terms, you refuse to accept someone else’s sovereignty over yours.
~ The greatest Hidden Knowledge, that wasn’t burned, destroyed, or hunted down… was the Knowledge that every Human Being, was a Divine Being… and that they had, Extroardinary Powers ~
~ And yet ever awakened… would never be ruled, by any kingdom… or any religion ~

Quantum Empowerment Sessions

The teachings I provide are different than the Law of Attraction. While the LoA only uses mental focus and thought patterns, Quantum Teachings uses the whole spectrum of what is capable to create your reality.
I call this Quantum Algorithm, a combination of many variables such as:
– Your State of Consciousness
– Your Perception of How Reality Works
– Your Radiance (the Energy-Scent that you emanate)

It is known amongst many that perception creates our reality, that whatever we perceive as being real or true is therefore what manifests within our Quantum Field of Reality. When you Realize the Simplicity of your Creation, you are able to sense the Infinite Potentiality of Reality, and tap into whatever potential you desire to exerience. Discovering the Radiance of your Absolute Fulfillment allows you to create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, by aknowledging how you create everything through your Perception and Beliefs.
Those teachings are designed to help you Shift your Perceptions, Transform your Life into a constant river of Ease and Simplicity, breathe more Passion into your Creations, and realize how simple everything can be, by allowing the Natural Flow of Spirit through your Entire Being. Your Dreams and Desires are no longer a distant reality, when you realize how you are able to transform your reality, simply by shifting your perspective.
While all the free content on the website can provide tremendous support for your Self-Realization, the sessions provide a more personalized assistance according to where you stand and what Realizations can assist you the most in your Journey.
~ More Informations on this Link ~

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