To be or not to be… the Creator of your Reality

So many believe in mean people getting served what they have done… like vandalize car and later down the road something happens to them. Yet it only depends on wether they feel guilty or not.
In other words, if you feel like a victim, your car may get vandalized. If you feel guilty about something you did in the past, you might get something in return to what you did. However, people are not their past. If they choose to erase everything they did in the past and stop feeling guilty, they erase all karma. To stop believing the past has an effect on the present.
“Exciting! yet frustrating…” ~ you might say. However it is only frustrating because the human likes to make the other humans accountable for their actions, they love to blame and point their finger at whatever they believe is responsible for their suffering. As I said, if you feel like a victim and blame outside circumstances, life will give you more reasons to feel that way. If you feel like a rich, young and passionate person, life will give you more reasons to feel that way as well. If you feel Absolutely Fulfilled, therefore your life becomes fulfilling. If you feel guilty of something, life may give you punishments. Yet in fact, it truly isn’t about what life is doing to you, but what you are doing to yourself.
There is nothing wrong in believing in karma. Whatever you believe in, you create with your consciousness, therefore it simply is an experience. There are tons of ways to apply this, to become quantum and use our consciousness.
Shifting to a Quantum Consciousness is actually very simple. We just need to ask ourselves… how would we want things to be like in our reality? Just as we perceive it to be that way, it simply becomes so.
How do we choose to see things? Why not see ourselves as Enlightened, Wise, Young, Passionate, Abundant, Energized, Healthy, Beautiful, Perfect, Divine, Radiant, Fulfilled…? Because as we perceive ourselves that way, we become so. Quantumness implies that whatever we perceive to be real, is created by our consciousness.
Imagine nobody ever knew the word “evil”. Nobody ever believed there was anything “bad” in Existence. No one would ever battle against anything, or anyone. There wouldn’t be this eternal quest for power. There would be no judgement upon anything or anyone in Existence. There would be nothing to be righteous about, or entitled to.
Everybody would be fully responsible for themselves and their creations. Beyond the need to point the finger of blame at any external source or circumstance.
Yes, there has been such a mass mental programming into a cubical and linear reality of black and white, yet as you step beyond the hypnotic chess game of mass consciousness, you are able to see the colors. You are able to perceive beyond the limitations of your 5 linear human senses, able to sense the Beauty and Colorful Radiance of every single thing in Existence.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the world, it is only your limited perception which said that there was so. Your World is Your Creation, which implies that anything you perceive to be “Real” or “True” becomes the Reality in which you have chosen to Exist.
There is no such thing as lack of energy, evil, bad, negative or wrong. Satan’s greatest accomplishment was to get people to believe it existed. If we were to erase the belief in darkness, what happens is that we open our senses to a totally different reality.
There are no such things as not knowing, mysteries, or… things that are unknown to most humans. We already have all the answers we need. Only believing that we don’t know the answers is what got us to not knowing. As we place our awareness to the fact that we already know everything we need to know, that every answers are already here, we are able to come back to our senses. We then ‘Real-Eyes’ that we already know all the answers.
What are the answers? Well… it’s what we choose to be real. It’s that simple.
When we allow the Consciousness, the Awareness that All is Well in All of Creation, that Darkness is our Divinity, that everything is already there, fulfilled and realized… that there is nothing to fix, acquire or aspire to… that we never did anything wrong, or bad… that we do not need power over anything… we then have the Knowingness of what it really means to be a Creator.
To go beyond the need of power is to realize that we never need to get anything outside of ourselves. That we never need to take anything from anybody else. That our Consciousness is the Attractant for all the Energy we ever needed.
To be a Creator is to Radiate a Ray of Consciousness into the Reality that we choose to Experience. To Allow a Radiance that goes beyond what our 5 linear human senses can perceive. A Radiance that is not dictated by the mind or external circumstances.
A Radiance of Absolute Fulfillment that creates a Reality of Fulfillment ;
rather than a Radiance of Neediness that creates a Reality of Lack.
Nothing really matters. None of this is Reality.
All is well in All of Creation.
Fulfillment is the only Basis of Reality.
Allowance is our only Job.
Everything is Already Here,
Fulfilled, Already Realized.
Nothing to search, seek, push or force.
The Master is Already Here.
Mastering the Art of Existing,
As an Embodied Human on Earth.
Beyond the need of power,
Everything is Already Here.
Nothing to fix, acquire, or aspire to.
Absolute Fulfillment is Already Here.
Nothing to be righteous about, or entitled to.
Absolutely nothing to battle against.
It’s like a Ray of Consciousness
Lightening the Reality of Ease and Mastery
In which there are no problems, no worries…
In which everything is Simple and Graceful.
And where there is Consciousness, there will always come Life.
~ I Am Here ~ In this Realm of Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Simplicity and Mastery ~
~ Beyond the Lie of Darkness & Duality ~ My only Truth being the Gift of Existence itself ~


Quantum Empowerment Sessions

The teachings I provide are different than the Law of Attraction. While the LoA only uses mental focus and thought patterns, Quantum Teachings uses the whole spectrum of what is capable to create your reality.
I call this Quantum Algorithm, a combination of many variables such as:
– Your State of Consciousness
– Your Perception of How Reality Works
– Your Radiance (the Energy-Scent that you emanate)

It is known amongst many that perception creates our reality, that whatever we perceive as being real or true is therefore what manifests within our Quantum Field of Reality. When you Realize the Simplicity of your Creation, you are able to sense the Infinite Potentiality of Reality, and tap into whatever potential you desire to exerience. Discovering the Radiance of your Absolute Fulfillment allows you to create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, by aknowledging how you create everything through your Perception and Beliefs.
Those teachings are designed to help you Shift your Perceptions, Transform your Life into a constant river of Ease and Simplicity, breathe more Passion into your Creations, and realize how simple everything can be, by allowing the Natural Flow of Spirit through your Entire Being. Your Dreams and Desires are no longer a distant reality, when you realize how you are able to transform your reality, simply by shifting your perspective.
While all the free content on the website can provide tremendous support for your Self-Realization, the sessions provide a more personalized assistance according to where you stand and what Realizations can assist you the most in your Journey.
~ More Informations on this Link ~

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