The Multiplicity of Reality in a Quantum-Based Consciousness

Reality, is a pretty Creative Concept. Indeed, what one perceives as being real or true, is therefore what manifests within the quantum field of that person’s perception. It doesn’t have to be one absolute reality, in a multi-focus perception. A very Creative and Imaginative Being, can at the same time be in public transports, yet talking to Unicorns or any Magical Being which appear as real to their eyes as it sounds to their ears.
While the Creativity in a Quantum Consciousness can bring one into Fantasy Worlds and bring the Magic of Life back into One’s Existence, it can also manifest touchable and seeable realities, through the 5 Linear Human Senses. However, in a Quantum Creative State of Consciousness, the reality that can be sensed is not always the same reality that everyone else is sensing in a Linear and 5-Sensed way, as most Humans live in a Caged, Cubical and Mental Perspective of Reality.
Indeed, there is a such Mass Mental Linear Psychosis about what is real and what is not, that brings almost everyone into one same time-space limited bond, which allows for only one (religious or scientific) collective conformity of perception. This can be pictured as a psychic gravity that programs every human minds into one unified cubical perspective of reality.
From the moment you are born, your parents, teachers, religions, and the society around you are already structuring and programming your mind into thinking a certain way. While for most humans who are not capable to think for themselves, it can be very easy to get caught in the limited and linear state of the human stories.
As Shakespeare once said, Earth is like a Play Field, or a Planetary Cosmic Theater in which we may Act as many Characters, many Truths and many Realities as we desire. However, most human stories and perceptions of reality on Earth are very similar and limited (in other words… there more uniformity than uniqueness), as programmed by the Psychic Gravity of Human Mass-Consciousness.
To bring this simple Concept of Quantumness into the realm of religions, spirituality, witchcraft and all other linear mental human ways of creating reality, I will state this in a very clear and succint manner: whatever one believes, perceives as real/true, and applies it as Knowingness in their Physical Human Life, is therefore what occurs within the Reality they choose to explore.
For example, when one believes prayer has an effect, and prays, therefore it does have an effect. When you believe a drug heals you, it is therefore what happens, however when you don’t believe it does, it doesn’t work. When one believes meditation has an effect, for example higher your energy-level, brings you joy, happiness, a “higher state of mind” or whatever you believe it does, it is therefore what happens for you.
Today as I created this new website Quantum Teachings, I have decided to provide a way with which we can bypass all these linear constructs, practices and mental struggles, by bringing more simplicity and less gears in your Quantum Algorithm.
What I call Quantum Algorithm, is your Perception of How Reality Works, the Energy-Radiance that you emanate, as well as your State of Consciousness. While you can have many results with limited spiritual belief systems, you can also allow a smooth Shift in Consciousness, into an Algorithm in which everything is possible for you without effort, mental struggle or practice whatsoever.
Let me give you an example of how I decided to apply this Knowingness. As the Creator of my own Quantum Field of Reality, I have chosen to make up every rule about how everything works in my reality. First Rule: as long as I desire something, it is always given to me without work, without struggle, searching, seeking, praying, mentally processing, meditating, and all the rest of that. I can therefore stand in the Sweet Knowingness that whatever I desire is always already Realized in a Timeless Way, and the feeling that it procures me. This, without ever having to think about what I desire, how or when it will come.
Many talk about the “Law of Attraction”, yet it is still using only the mind and not the whole spectrum of what is really capable to create your reality. While there can be many variables in the equation of what creates your reality, you are the one to determine which one(s) matter most and have an effect on the result of your Quantum Algorithm. In other words, when you Trust Yourself as the Creator of your Life and know that there is no failure, the result of every equations in your life will always be success. It is like minimizing all linear gears of creation into one multi-task gear that never betrays you.
I can already hear the thoughts of those reading this page: “Yes but can it really be that easy? Shouldn’t I struggle, effort and strive to be worthy and deserving of what life has to provide for me?” – and to that I say: absolutely not. Having to struggle, effort and strive for life is just a belief system and a linear concept engrained from the psychosis of mass-consciousness. This gravity  is very likely to dictate how reality has to work for you, while you can make up as the creator how you want everything to be in your Quantum Algorithm.
You see, so many have handled their Sovereignty away to some higher entity they named “God” (Mass-Consciousness), and most of the times entrusted Governments and Politicians to create their reality in their place. It is indeed easy to give those responsibilities away and point the finger of blame at any external source, yet it is still our task to take Full Responsibility in taking the Rightful Place as the Creators of our Reality, instead of being the victims of the circumstances we have created for ourselves, or the victims of a “higher entity” that we believe has created reality in our place, and has sovereignty over us.
Whenever someone asks me a question about “truth” or “reality”, I always respond: This is Your Dream, Your World, Your Reality. You choose the answers. Whatever you believe becomes so. So when you want answers about the Nature of Reality, simply ask yourself: “what would I want the answer to be?” once this question answered, just perceive and know reality as being that way, and therefore it becomes your reality.
You see, as I stated earlier, there is no Absolute Static State for reality. Whatever the Awareness of your Consciousness is placed into, becomes the Potential Reality which you have chosen to explore.
To go further in that statement, why not perceive yourself as being Enlightened, Wise, Young, Passionate, Abundant, Energized, Healthy, Beautiful, Perfect, Divine, Radiant, Fulfilled…? Because as you perceive yourself that way, this is the Potential Reality you have chosen to experience, in a timeless manner of speaking (meaning you are experiencing the feeling it procures you in the present, all-the-while being one or many potentials from the future).
When you know all your choices (about how you want reality to be) have already been granted without any doubt, you can forever stand in the Knowingness of your Absolute Fulfillment, with Trust that your Perfect Reality has already been Created, from your Awareness into that Potential Reality of Absolute Fulfillment. You never need to ask for anything, because you Know it’s already there. As you sense and know your own reality to work this way, this is therefore what becomes for you.
Yoga, Meditation, Prayers, Religion, Karma, Spirituality, Witchcraft… and all the rest of the main practices and mental struggles, are mere distractions from the Simplicity of the Creator Being that you are. All the things that you are trying to accomplish by these means, can be in the blink of an eye.
Simply by aknowledging that it already is, and therefore it becomes so.
This doesn’t mean everything will happen overnight, you may have a long way to go if you believe that this is complicated, and that you have to mentally struggle during this shift of consciousness… in which case you may complicate it as much as you desire. No matter how many linear gears you choose to place in your Quantum Algorithm, the result will always be success no matter what variables you put into the equation ~ as long as you choose to stand in the knowingness that Your Reality is that way, therefore it will always be so.
There is no right or wrong way to apply this Principle of Quantumness in your life. As the Creator, this is Your Responsibility to be Genuine in your Creations.
This, can be the most complicated challenge of your life, if you perceive things to be challenging, and complicated. Or this can be the simplest thing ever, if you perceive it to be simple.
The Motto of my Teachings is:
~ Relax beyond your mind ~ Embody your Mastery ~


The teachings I provide are different than the Law of Attraction. While the LoA only uses mental focus and thought patterns, Quantum Teachings uses the whole spectrum of what is capable to create your reality.
I call this Quantum Algorithm, a combination of many variables such as:
– Your State of Consciousness
– Your Perception of How Reality Works
– Your Radiance (the Energy-Scent that you emanate)

It is known amongst many that perception creates our reality, that whatever we perceive as being real or true is therefore what manifests within our Quantum Field of Reality. When you Realize the Simplicity of your Creation, you are able to sense the Infinite Potentiality of Reality, and tap into whatever potential you desire to exerience. Discovering the Radiance of your Absolute Fulfillment allows you to create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, by aknowledging how you create everything through your Perception and Beliefs.
Those teachings are designed to help you Shift your Perceptions, Transform your Life into a constant river of Ease and Simplicity, breathe more Passion into your Creations, and realize how simple everything can be, by allowing the Natural Flow of Spirit through your Entire Being. Your Dreams and Desires are no longer a distant reality, when you realize how you are able to transform your reality, simply by shifting your perspective.
While all the free content on the website can provide tremendous support for your Self-Realization, the sessions provide a more personalized assistance according to where you stand and what Realizations can assist you the most in your Journey.
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