What does it really mean to be Quantum?

In order to explain in very simple words to everyone, here is an insightful conversation I had some time ago with a loving person:
DS – So you dont believe in mean people getting served what they have done.? Like you vandalize car and later down the road something happens to you?
AMU ~ It depends on wether they feel guilty or not
DS – If they feel guilty??
AMU ~ In other words, if you feel like a victim, your car may get vandalized. If you feel guilty about something you did in the past, you might get something in return to what you did. However, people are not their past. If they choose to erase everything they did in the past and stop feeling guilty, they erase all karma. To stop believing the past has an effect on the present.
DS – Hmmmmm this is exciting yet depressing to know
AMU ~ It is only depressing because the human likes to make the other humans accountable for their actions, they love to blame and point their finger at whatever they believe is responsible for their suffering. As I said, if you feel like a victim and blame outside circumstances, life will give you more reasons to feel that way. If you feel like a rich, young and passionate person, therefore you become so. If you feel Absolutely Fulfilled, therefore your life becomes fulfilling. If you feel guilty of something, life may give you punishments. Yet in fact, it truly isn’t about what life is doing to you, but what you are doing to yourself.
DS – I feel it.. Hmm. Never looked at things as such.
AMU ~ It works for absolutely anything. There are tons of ways to apply this, to become quantum and use our consciousness. People may use religion, karma, witchcraft, spirituality, or other forms of complicated belief systems (linear gears of creation as I call them). But for me, I chose to let go of all the linear gears, and make it simpler.
DS – Become quantum?? And would it be wrong to believe in karma?
AMU ~ There is nothing wrong in believing in karma. Whatever you believe in, you create with your consciousness, therefore it simply is an experience. Quantum Science implies that an experiment’s result will depend on the expectations of the scientist. Several scientists may have the same experiment, but yet different results, as they have different expectations. In other words whatever you perceive to be real, you create. So therefore, if you feel like a multi-billionaire and perceive yourself that way, you become so. If you feel healthy and perceive yourself as absolutely healthy, you become so.
DS – Sweet i can dig it. I like it. Thats easy huh
AMU ~ So many people love to make it hard for themselves, with very complicated belief systems, but once you have understood quantumness, awareness, and consciousness, you can make it all far simpler. In other words, we no longer need to get caught up in all the “healing”, “trying to get abundant”, “trying to evolve into something better”, no, in quantum consciousness, you already are what you are becoming, because as a Timeless Being, you already experience your Potentials from the Future in what you call your Present, in a non-linear way. It becomes no longer about evolution, but about evolvedness.
DS – So no healing? Huh? You dont say.. Quantum consciousness.. So for example. I want to be a more kind person.. I am already that because i for see myself as such? I am already kind with out becoming because im already there? Right?
AMU ~ There is nothing to learn, all is there. In other words, whatever potential you choose to experience in the future is already there. If you choose to be a more kind person to others, it’s already there. No healing because as you try to heal yourself, you are using your consciousness to affirm that there is an imbalance and that you are trying to fix it. The more you try to fix something, the more you re-inforce the belief that it is broken, so that is why I would rather recommend to just perceive yourself as already absolutely healthy.
DS – But if i already learned and experience why do i have a dying need to learn and find what i want to experience. If ive already done it all why do i physically need to try
AMU ~ Nothing to learn because knowledge seeking is just a circle that goes on forever and never ends.
DS – I like that. What an amazing different way of looking at things. So one can not learn all is what you are saying.
AMU ~ Just knowing that if you are meant to know something, it basically comes to you without effort, or without having to seek for it. You can always learn, but not being needy for knowledge, always knowing that you already know everything you need to know.
DS – But if i already know everything why do i feel dumb some times. If i already know all i need to know. Why do i not have the answer to things. Do i have to consciously connect and understand that. How do i balance all that.
AMU ~ If you feel dumb, you become dumb. If you feel Enlightened, you become so. You do already have the answers, only believing that you don’t have them is what makes you feel dumb, while in fact you aren’t dumb at all. You already know, yet you just don’t know that you know.
DS – Okay i see. Maybe im thinking really hard about it. And honestly that last message made sense. How do i get myself to know that i know?
AMU ~ This is Your Dream, Your World, Your Reality. You choose the answers. Whatever you believe becomes so. So therefore, when you want answers, ask yourself: what would I want the answer to be?
DS – I wanted to become enlightened a couple years ago and have been on my own journey. Thats why im asking so many questions. How do i get myself to know that i know?
AMU ~ Well, you don’t become Enlightened, you already are. All you can do, is just to Realize it (‘Real-Eyes’). As you perceive yourself to be Enlightened, it becomes so. As you perceive something as being a certain way, it becomes so in your dream. Life in Human Form is like a Lucid Dream, in a denser dimensional level.
DS – How did you become so… Well this. Did you wake up one day and become enlightened.
AMU ~ I just started my journey knowing that… all the knowledge seeking would get me nowhere. I just stopped trying to figure everything out, and allowed everything I needed to know to come to me, and therefore it became so. I started perceiving myself as already being enlightened in a timeless way, and it became so. It’s only about knowing that anything you are meant to know always finds its way to you without having to search for it. I found several teachers, that were channelled through different “schools”, such as the Crimson Circle, and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. From there I didn’t even have to study my way through anything, simply allow myself to dive into what was talked about. Just knowing that I already knew all of this, only allowing myself to remember what I had forgotten.
DS – All the knowledge that is meant to come to you will if its meant to be. Isnt that like fate? Or do you mean if you want to know to it will just come to you without effort??
AMU ~ This is not fate, this is creation. As you perceive things to be a certain way, it simply becomes so. When you perceive everything as always being in service to you, as a Master, therefore it becomes so. If it is so, then, why would not all the information that serves your greatest good always come to you in the easiest way, without having to work for it?


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