The Radiance of your Absolute Fulfillment

So many people will say that Life on Earth sucks. Yet, it is only when we believe it sucks to be here, that our life then really sucks.
Because as we allow external circumstances to dictate our radiance, we then attract more of the same old situations in our life.
Life may not always have been exactly the way I would have liked it to be, however I chose to always make most of it and enjoy every single moment, because no matter what, to my soul it will always be a very rich experience. The more I enjoyed every moment of my Life, the more Life gave me more reasons to Enjoy and Love Life.
After one year of searching how to do life, I realized there is no need to study anything, or make it difficult. It is only about the Radiance, always radiating Absolute Fulfillment inspite of what the circumstances may look like around me.
The more I was radiating fulfillment, the more life gave me more reasons to be fulfilled. The more I felt stuck and in a prison, the more life gave me reasons to feel that way. It is very simple… The Energies always serve the Feelings and Radiance of our True Heart.
Feeling unabundant, unwise, and unenlightened? Then life will serve those feelings and give us more reasons to feel that way.
The Radiance, the Kharisma, is what attracts the Energies. It is a State of Consciousness, a Feeling, a Passion, a Radiance… not really about the outer circumstance. Everything we need is already here, all the Attractant for Energy is already within. Nothing needs to be taken outside of ourselves, nothing needs to be taken from anybody else.
In the same way, the more I laughed about everything, the more life gave me reasons to laugh, gave me things to laugh about. I do not spend any day without laughing the crap out of everything.
I stopped trying and working at it. It was only making it more difficult. All I can do is simply to allow all energy to serve me. Allow all to transform within me. Allow a Shift, in my State of Consciousness. Without mentally forcing anything, nor trying to work at anything.
This… is something very natural. It would be very harsh if it was something that, as the human, we’d have to figure out and work at.
All I had done by trying and working so hard until recently, was just interfering with the Natural Process of Spirit. While in fact nothing really needed to be done, only allowed.
Some would say “Yes but it’s too easy to be real” or “I have to work at it! If I don’t work hard enough, I don’t deserve it”. Well I have been down that road before, and it doesn’t work. It’s only making it more harsh and more difficult on our Human Act.
These doubts are about self-worth, not knowing that we really deserve it, without need to work or effort for it, not knowing that it can just come to us, with perfect ease and grace. These doubts are here because it’s been engrained by the psychic gravity of mass-consciousness that we have to struggle, effort and strive for everything.
As Adamus would say… it’s like standing on a bike… stationary. No more pedaling, the landscape just starts moving. No more forcing… Efforting… Working… Powering… Mentally Willing Something… Will Power…
These were always a mean to search outside of ourselves, while all the Attractant for Energy was within. The Radiance, and Kharisma of our Truest Self, which only needed to be felt, and allowed. Without force, nor work, nor effort.
It is like a giant relief, to no longer have to work at living. No longer having to figure anything out. No longer having to make efforts for anything.
Simply Allowing… the Natural Process of Spirit.
We are all deserving, of a perfect easy and graceful life. In which everything just comes to us, without any work.
That is the greatest relief I ever had in my entire life. No longer having to stress out. Just Knowing, and Being… with Passion, and Joy.
A Deep… Relaxing Relief into Life.
The Human Act may be worried through all of this, may doubt, and say those “Yes, but…”, yet the Master Facet of our Being, is always here to re-assure us, that All is Well in All of Creation… No matter what the Human fears, doubts, or is worried about. Everything always works out, the Master Self Knows that.
And as the True Heart, always radiates Absolute Fulfillment, Life will always serve this feeling, and give us more reasons to feel that way.
I AM That I AM
Captain Amu

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  1. What a lovely message. It’s exactly what I wanted to hear; I don’t have to struggle, there can be ease. Thank you Amu.

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