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Quantum Teachings ~ A Path in Assuming your Beingness, in a Realm of Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Simplicity, Passion and Mastery ~

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The intention behind Quantum Teachings, is to assist you in realizing with how much ease and grace you can shift the direction the energies are going, by placing your awareness into a different potential reality, or in other words, radiate the light of your consciousness in a different direction.
The intention of the sessions is to remove the old linear gears of creation in order to distil it into the best simplicity, into stoping to think about all of this and feeling, sensing your Creation through the Essence, creating without word, thought, simply by sensing the Essence of the Reality you prefer, and choosing it as your own.
Not only consciousness is an important element in creating the reality of your desire, but it is also the first step before relaxing your body, allowing the old energies to release themselves with ease, and finally bringing in the new energies you created in the first place, by placing your awareness into the reality you desired.
It doesn’t require anything more than your relaxation. As you allow this to naturally unfold, you simply need to place your awareness into it, relax, and let it happen “on-the-fly”.
The Quantum Handbook is also given to you before a Counseling Session as a bonus, so that you may feel into the whole essense of the teachings and be ready with the best questions. In these sessions, I ask you not to think too much and simply feel, what are the questions that come from your heart? What are the questions to which the answers will serve your self-realization the most? Once you have finished reading this ‘warm-up’, simply come back to me and we will open the session with an introduction and begin with your questions.
The Sessions are about realizing the Utmost of Simplicity, and being able to see the best shortcut in creating what you Dream & Desire. During the questions and answers, we are able to point out where you are lacking in simplicity, put an end to the interminable circles in your mind, and create the best shortcut / pathway into your Self-Realization, and into the manifestation of your desires.
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What is the Sense of Knowingness?

Ultimately, we are the only ones responsible for our own existence, our experiences, our perceptions, and how we choose to feel beyond all of this.
Let’s take some time to talk about the Sense of Knowingness. It is not knowledge, it is Knowingness. Knowingness is having the Sense, of going beyond the mind and the words to feel the answers. Knowingness doesn’t store data, information, facts and figures. It doesn’t know, until it needs to know. When it needs it, the answer is just there.
You can get external answers from the world that surrounds you, but it isn’t Your Truth, because it came from somebody else. Ultimately, there is nothing Absolute in the Universe. It all comes down to the exact same result. Every human is responsible for their existence, their experiences, their reality, and their perception. Whatever anybody perceives, believes, allows to be Real or True, is therefore what manifests within the Quantum Field of that person’s perception. And therefore, that’s what Knowingness means. It the Individual Sense, unique to every single being in Creation, that creates the answers that are the most appropriate for one person.
Tormenting Oneself mentally always makes everything more complicated, when everything can actually be extremely easy. Releasing the mental tensions, stopping the struggles, taking a deep breath, sensing into your own Knowingness, and accepting that everything comes to you gracefully, simply allows it to be. Without efforts. The simple, easy and graceful pathways always come, because that is what you choose to experience, because you have assumed absolute Ease & Grace to be Your Reality.
And therefore, everything comes to you. Naturally.
That’s what Knowingness is about. That’s what Quantum Teachings is about. Now you see, why I tell you this, and why I may appear ‘provocative’ some times in my writings. Because I have compassion, whenever I see anyone mentally tormenting themselves, over-complicating everything, and making their own life a hell. Because I know everything can be done in Ease and Grace, without the overall struggling with everything, fighting with everything…
You Know Life can be a Grand and Beautiful Experience, if you just allowed yourself to relax… into your Divine Sense of Knowingness. Beyond the mind, beyond worries… but most of all, as the Master of your Sovereign Domain. Assuming your Beingness, in a Realm of Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Simplicity, Passion, and Mastery ~

The Monthly Realization ~

And then… you realize that it is yours to bathe within the love of your own Soul. Not believing that you have to reach a state of worthiness for anything to be granted to you, granted by your Soul, but Knowing that you are your Soul, the Ineffable Flame of your own Existence, that you already have granted everything to yourself.
Ultimately, you realize that none of what you desire will be granted by anything or anyone within this screen of time/space reality, it is already given to you, by you. All it takes is a simple awareness that it is so, and relaxation into it.
And yes, we get distracted by our every day routines, human life, by the mesmerizing graphic of this reality, yet when we stop to simply breathe in the awareness, of the “I Exist”, “I Am that I Am”, “I Know that I Know”~ in other words, Knowingness, and the Passion of the Soul for its own Existence… it sets a totally different dynamic in how you go through your day, and what comes to you during this day.

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